Monday, March 12, 2012

The Secret to Winning Your Political Campaign Election

If you're running a political campaign for office for the first time, you may be hoping that there is some sort of magical "secret weapon" that you can use to defeat your opponent: a never-fail campaign plan, for instance, or a design for a political mailers that will make every voter who sees it instantly support you.

Unfortunately, there really isn't any sort of magical way to win a political campaign every time. No matter what tactics you use, there will always be people who simply can't be convinced to vote for you--whether it's because of your political party, your name or some other element beyond your control.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Onassis And Obama Bring Style Into The White House

The title of First Lady specifically refers to the spouse of a president. However, most women who have held the title have gone above and beyond the duties of just being an important man's wife. Today, it is understood that the American First Lady must fulfill the role of public woman, political celebrity, political activist and political interloper. And aside from political duties, the First Lady holds a responsibility in the fashion world as well. As the nation that she helps her husband to govern over watches her every move, people scrutinize and seek to imitate her wardrobe as well. It is known that whatever designer's work she chooses to wear at formal events will gain success from that exposure. From the inauguration ball to the last day of a term, whatever the First Lady wears will serve as inspiration for students in fashion college, as well as influence the way in which every-day women dress themselves. But two First Ladies, have gone above and beyond the normal First Lady fashion protocol. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, wife of the late president John F. Kennedy, and Michelle Obama, wife of current president Barack Obama have created style legacies that have set precedents for future wives of presidents. They have dressed themselves with such political awareness and elegance, that their influence on American women's fashion has made history.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Parity in Politics - Why Women Don't Want It

Marking the 20-year anniversary of the Year of the Woman, Karen Tumulty's front-page Washington Post article details the never-ending challenges of gender parity in American politics. While an informative piece about the United States' 78th world ranking in woman's representation in national legislatures, tied with Turkmenistan for those keeping track, it reflects a flawed conventional wisdom about why more women don't run for and win elected office.

In discussing why more women are not politically engaged, many well-know facts were listed:

• Women often wait until later in their careers and lives to run for office making it a challenge to rise through the ranks to high office

• Many women wait to be asked to run, instead of initiating a political campaign, often questioning their credentials and qualifications more so than their male-counterparts

• Often women feel that the electorate is biased against women candidates, with high-profile examples of Clinton, Palin, Pelosi and Bachman as media and partisan targets fresh in their minds

Friday, December 2, 2011

New Haitian Day Flag Design Explained

January 1st 1804 was truly the beginning of a new era in Haiti and for all freedom loving peoples around the world, for the new nation declared themselves independent from France. The first black republic, they had defeated Napoleon's forces earlier at the famous "Bataille de Vertieres" or Battle of Vertieres, after years of struggle and despoliation and showed everyone they were no longer slaves.

This day is still marked by the serving of pumpkin soup to all persons present, but these traditions are still over shadowed by the most popular holiday for Haitians around the world, Haitian Flag Day, where Haitians feel their greatest sense of pride and exclamations of freedom. Before independence, the red, white and blue tricolor of revolutionary France was flown, but when it became apparent France would not grant them freedom, a new truly Haitian day flag was needed. Legend has it that the great Jean-Jacques Dessalines, the first Haitian emperor, himself tore the white center from the tricolor and his god-daughter, Catherine Flon sewed the red and blue panels together on May 18th, 1803.

Monday, October 17, 2011

On Politics - One of the Most Lucrative Jobs in America - Part 3

The truth of the matter is that being a politician in America today is one of the best paying jobs a person could have despite their supposedly low wages compared to corporate executives.

I bet there are corporate executives in America who wish they were making $16 million a year like Giuliani.

The tragedy of all of this is not that a Republican is being discovered, tried and convicted in a news report, but that the same can and will be done to a Democrat by some other news reporter hell-bent on trying to pass off their brilliance as actual news rather than accusatory garbage.

If you do not know that the vast majority of politicians lie, cheat and steal as necessary to get elected and stay elected, you do not understand much about politics in America today. It is real difficult to practice integrity when your pants are down.

The best job most national politicians do is helping themselves get rich legally at the expense of the electorate they are supposed to be representing.

It is never too soon to vote themselves another raise, perk or benefit, or cut an out-of-sight deal to line their pockets, and it is never too late to bail out on legislation that might offend a big campaign contributor.

Monday, September 12, 2011

7 Ways to Ruin a Political Campaign Website

These common problems can make a political campaign website less effective to voters. They are simple errors to make, but they are also simple to correct.

Lack of Content: The time a campaign launches is NOT the time to start putting together the website content. The website should be fully built out before it is publicized. You only have one chance to make a first impression with voters. If your website is in bad shape when they find you, then you've made a bad first impression. Also, there should be enough content for people to satisfy voters interested in an issue. One good technique is to summarize your issue and position on a web page, and then provide a downloadable PDF for those interested in more detail.

Bad Grammar and Spelling: If someone cannot spell properly in their campaign literature, why should I expect more from them in office? It's like a resume with errors - they tend to be the first job candidates who get weeded out first.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Domestic Vote Bank Politics in International Diplomacy

India's close tie with Israel as a leading partner in the defence sector surprised many Indian citizens on the government's declaration to support the Palestine UN bid. Indian citizens have expressed worries on the impact of this decision on India's future bilateral ties with Israel and consider the decision to be hollow only to expose India's double stand on the assertion for bilateral relations with its neighbors, a special reference is towards India's continuous refusal to accept Pakistan's assertion for UN involvement in Kashmir statehood issue.

India's International development and relation policy for Israel and Palestine is not formulated on well considered ground to reflect India's current international relation nor does it account for national aspiration of those who desire for India's continuous rise with feasible and friendly partners. The minority communal elements may chime heartily with Palestine's quest for the UN bid and its membership application from a local narrow perspective. Their important role in Indian politics as a vote bank have now played a decisive role in Indian diplomatic decision to project dismal display of Indian international development policy merely guided by domestic designs to garner vote bank; it confirms the serious pathology in the system of a country gearing itself as an economic power.