Friday, July 22, 2011

American Dimes Coins - Design Evolutions in 21st Century

American dimes coins incorporated many designs since its debut. Barber Dime
This design came in 1902. As Charles Barber came up with the design while serving the US Mint as the Chief Engraver, his work earned him considerable fame worldwide.
At that time, quarters as well as half-dollars shared this design. But history suggests that this design was an aftermath of widespread internal politics on who will be awarded with the design job.
This design, just like the design of other American dime coins, featured an inspiring Liberty on its obverse. She appears to be wearing a medium sized Phrygian cap, and a crafty laurel wreath that had a ribbon.
The headband of the inscription read "LIBERTY". This is the inscription earmarking the Barber dimes. The reverse depicted a wreath as usual.
Winged Liberty Head

This was probably the beginning of Mercury dimes when this design came in 1916. The obverse had a figure that depicted the legendary goddess called Liberty who wore a typical Phrygian cap, which happened to be a traditional sign of freedom. The wings of the goddess were meant to signify freedom of human thought.
This design however came from Adolph Weinman, a renowned sculptor. This design is esteemed by most people as among the most good-looking coin designs America has ever produced.

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