Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Domestic Vote Bank Politics in International Diplomacy

India's close tie with Israel as a leading partner in the defence sector surprised many Indian citizens on the government's declaration to support the Palestine UN bid. Indian citizens have expressed worries on the impact of this decision on India's future bilateral ties with Israel and consider the decision to be hollow only to expose India's double stand on the assertion for bilateral relations with its neighbors, a special reference is towards India's continuous refusal to accept Pakistan's assertion for UN involvement in Kashmir statehood issue.

India's International development and relation policy for Israel and Palestine is not formulated on well considered ground to reflect India's current international relation nor does it account for national aspiration of those who desire for India's continuous rise with feasible and friendly partners. The minority communal elements may chime heartily with Palestine's quest for the UN bid and its membership application from a local narrow perspective. Their important role in Indian politics as a vote bank have now played a decisive role in Indian diplomatic decision to project dismal display of Indian international development policy merely guided by domestic designs to garner vote bank; it confirms the serious pathology in the system of a country gearing itself as an economic power.

The benefit for India in this policy decision is not discernible at all. The numerous examples quoted include the Telangana state demand, northeast independence movements and the cry against the Indian draconian law violating civil liberties and rights in northeast India and Kashmir. Some even see the Palestine bid as an Islamic strategy to increase the number of Arabic nations as part of Islamic expansion policy. All are aware that India's support to Palestine would not deter future attacks by Islamic radicalism and that Kashmir will not become closer to India to forget its freedom movement.

Unselfishly appearing, the government does not state any expectation from Palestine and asserts its humanitarian sympathy.

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